Work packages

No. Title Major Activities Coordination
Task # Description Coordinator
WP1 Project Management, Communication and Coordination Task 1.1 Project management and coordination Heidelberg University of Education
Task 1.2 Communication
Task 1.3 Project financial and operational administration
Task 1.4 Facilitating inter-project coordination
Task 1.5 Preparing biannual progress reports
Task 1.6 Preparing progress report
Task 1.7 Final project report
WP2 Situation Analysis and Stakeholder’s Input Task 2.1 Collection of data privacy policies University of Crete
Task 2.2 Design an awareness-raising campaign
Task 2.3 Mapping current teaching and SDGs in curriculum in each partner university
Task 2.4 Surveying stakeholders’ stage of concern and readiness to infuse SDGs in multiple academic disciplines
Task 2.5 Guidelines for strengthening stakeholders’ inputs
WP3 Design and Development of SDGs Infusion in Multiple Academic Disciplines Task 3.1 Validating the development of criteria, standards, competences, and performance indicators on academic teaching Fundacion Universidad de San Andres
Task 3.2 Digitalisation and validation of tools for the professionalisation of the academic teaching
Task 3.3 Design and develop webinars and training modules
Task 3.4 Online community of practice
WP4 Setting up the Infrastructure for Professionalizing Academic Teaching Task 4.1 Defining Task Force Universidad de Costa Rica
Task 4.2 Developing ICT Labs/Centres for the professionalisation of academic teaching
Task 4.3 The Euro-Latin American Network for the Professionalisation of Academic Teaching
Task 4.4 Action Plan for the Professionalisation of Academic Teaching
WP5 Capacity Building for the Professionalization of Academic Teaching to Infuse SDGs in Multiple Academic Discipline Task 5.1 Train-the-trainer (1st cohort of training) Heidelberg University of Education
Task 5.2 Train-the-champions (2nd cohort of trainers)
Task 5.3 Train-the-academic teaching community (3rd cohort of training)
WP6 Reorienting University Curricula in Multiple Disciplines to Infuse SDGs, Accreditation and Updating Task 6.1 Mapping course syllabi/modules for revision to infuse SDGs Frederick University
Task 6.2 Develop inter/cross-disciplinary student-driven learning-focused assignments infusing SDGs
Task 6.3 Reorienting university courses to infuse SDGs, accreditation and updating
WP7 Internal and External Monitoring and Evaluation for Quality Assurance Task 7.1 Internal monitoring and evaluation for quality assurance University for Peace
Task 7.2 Intermediate (formative) evidence-based evaluation
Task 7.3 Final (summative) evidence-based evaluation
Task 7.4 External monitoring and evaluation for quality assurance
WP8 Dissemination, Sustainability and Continuation Task 8.1 Dissemination and sustainability plan Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas Hidalgo
Task 8.2 Project Website and social media
Task 8.3 Liaison with other funded projects & communities
Task 8.4 Networking for dissemination, sustainability, and continuation
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