11. University of Santander

The Universidad de Santander (UDES) is a private non-profit institution, recognized by the Ministry of National Education (Resolution No. 6216 of December 22, 2005) and holding Legal Personality 810 of 1996. 

The university stands out for its commitment to scientific and applied research, contributing to industrial and business development at the global level. With campuses in various locations, including the main campus in Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Valledupar, Arauca, Sabaneta, and Bogotá, UDES has been recognized in different rankings, such as QS, THE, and GreenMetric, for its academic excellence, scientific production, sustainability, and contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. 

Offering 43 undergraduate and 45 graduate programs in various disciplines, such as medical and health sciences, social and political sciences, administrative and economic sciences, engineering, exact and natural sciences, and agricultural sciences, UDES has 1,637 professors and 14,019 students. The university has prioritized two global lines: Food Security and Planetary Health, guiding interdisciplinary research.

Universidad de Santander
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